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The history of our company dates back to 1998, when electrical engineers and programmer mathematicians teamed up and founded Hansa. The target wasn’t less than to become an outstanding player in the field of industrial control market. Over the past twenty years we grew up together with the expansion of our client base. Not only our organisation became much larger, but also the structure and the processes of the company have transformed according to the increased workload. We have extremely wide experience in the key areas of industry, such as automation, robotics, measurement technology, vision system or even in creating complex software systems.

Our company is an official system integrator of Rockwell Automation since 2003. Since 2005 every single year we have the greatest value of Rockwell sell and integration in Hungary.


Foundation of Hansa 98

By recognizing the growing demand of the industrial market, an experienced electrical engineer and two programmer mathematicians founded Hansa:
- Zoltán Kaszanyi
- Béla Nagyillés
- János Wittmann


Our first export order: Vinica wood processing plant

The Slovakian project was a big success. The complete electrical cabinet was delivered by us, together with the programming control engineering works (PLC, HMI). We gained valuable experience and one of our trainees got a master thesis at the same time.


We became an official system integrator of Rockwell Automation

We have been working with Rockwell products for a long time with great satisfaction, but with the foundation of Controltech Hungary we got a great opportunity too. We became Rockwell Automation's official system integrator as one of the firsts in Hungary. The trust has remained undiminished since then.


Opening of the office in Budapest

With the widest possible serving of our partners and our future development in mind, we opened our second office. Thanks to the continuous and dynamic growth, these days we are already on our third site in Budapest.


Close cooperation with BUTE: launching a student trainee program

We pay particular attention to the education of the new generation. We believe that we can maintain the high standards only if we join the training of our new titans at the very beginning. Most of the new engineer colleagues are still coming from the university, starting as a trainee, and by the time they get their degree they become an essential member of our engineering team.


Profile change, Hansa Automatiqa is founded

We think the only way to ensure outstanding standards if we focus on the areas we are really good at. Leaving behind our two sites in Szentes, Hansa Automatiqa is founded.


Complete control engineering works of Lidl logistics centre in Moscow, Russia

When we talk about cold stores, we think about a couple hundreds of I/O points from the control engineering point of view. If it’s about a logistics centre in Moscow, suddenly everything becomes enormous: the rooms of the cold store, the machines built in, the powers, and of course the control system too, with its several thousand I/O points. We are very proud of not only for our work there, but also for the approx. one year long intense design process before the project’s execution, the logistics and the smooth running of the project.


Implementing of ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards

We consider excellent quality as a main feature of the business processes. Our goal is to provide our Clients a high-quality service, that they are satisfied with and makes it possible for them to continue their business at such a high level on their own.


Reconstruction of Monsanto seed plant

The reconstruction of the seed plant in Bábolna, Hungary lasted three years long, in three phases. The reconstruction works of the power distribution and control engineering parts were done by us, during which the old manual controls were turned into operator-free, fully automated solutions. To trace and choose between the thousands of possible routes, we used the graph theory, which automatically calculates the optimal paths online. The nature of this enormous work is well described by the fact that the several megawatts of built-in power is served by more than 7000 I/O points, and 10km of optical network is built for the redundant control system.


Hansa has the greatest value of Rockwell Automation sell amongst the hungarian system integrators for 7 years in a row

Our company is a committed partner to Rockwell Automation. Our product knowledge covers the complete hardware and software portfolio with thousands of references in Hungary and abroad. We are constantly looking for the possibility of even closer cooperation, and it is not a secret that we’d like to become a prominent partner at regional level too.

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