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Quality policy

Hansa Automatiqa considers excellent quality as a main feature of the business processes.

Our goal is to provide our Clients a high-quality service, that they are satisfied with and makes it possible for them to continue their business at such a high level on their own.

The tool to reach this target is our quality control system according to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 standard, which has the following, most important requirements:

  • continuous development and improvement of the processes

  • the conformity of the work carried out on the basis of the relevant legal and customer requirements

  • providing our customers with a constantly improving level of service

  • application of new, modern technologies, materials and employing skilled, proficient colleagues, also the involvement of partners with similar capabilities

  • maintain and further increase the success and efficiency of our company

  • increasing the efficiency and satisfaction of our employees by supporting the necessary professional trainings

Our Company’s quality policy is designed to help our clients realizing their ideas with the services we provide.

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