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The aim hasn’t changed since Hansa was established two decades ago: we worked hard to become outstanding in the industrial control market. A firm widely known for handling clients as partners and stands out of the competition with premium quality. Instead of marketing expenses, our reputation was our advertisement. The contact of the company was passed from one to another among customers, until it slowly spread in the whole country, then across the borders too. We have thousands of references behind our back, and the satisfaction of hundreds of partner companies. This is something which verifies that it was worth to begin.

We grew up together with the expansion of our client base. Not only our organisation became much larger, but also the structure and the processes of the company have transformed according to the increased workload. Nowadays we apply a strict quality assurance system and continuous growth became one of the cornerstones of our company. We believe that our employees represent the greatest value in our company, so we pay particular attention to their continuous training and balanced lifestyle.

Beside the outstanding quality and the customer satisfaction we are restlessly searching for trendsetting solutions, we believe this is the only way to make something remarkable, to create value with our partners together.

Béla Nagyillés
Managing Director

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